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Thursday, 7 July 2011

NEWS FLASH - 07/07/2011

As many of you will know by now, the French Authorities managed to scupper our attempts to row the channel recently in stating that 'people powered vessels' could not generate enough speed to get out of the way of large shipping.  We all know that would not be an issue as our Safety Crew and boats would either have called the event off for bad weather or advised the rowing boats to hold position or alter course long before any such incident became likely.

Also, the boats have to be self-baling.  We don;t know what that means let alone of any rowing boats that meet that criteria, so time will tell if we intend continuing with our attempts at London to Paris or not.

Getting away from that, our first ever Tidal Thames Challenge will now take place with a 14 person crew on 28th July 2011 from North Foreland to Richmond, Surrey.  The rowers are specially invited people.
Our new website is  Why not take a look and see if you are interested enough to take the challenge yourself!

The prices listed on another blog entry have had to be re-assessed as the cost have also altered since our first guess at what might need covering.

Roger G

Friday, 27 May 2011

Our latest events - continued!

Well that's commitment!

I have just taken a massive step for me!  I have bought the replica Carbon Fibre Cornish Pilot Gig Tiger from

We can now run our own events without having to rely on other people for a boat to use.
Take a look at our website too for other events that we intend utilising her on.  The site has had a facelift already and has lots more information on it - along with some music that you may, or may not like!  Take a look and let me know!!

There's also another photograph on there.  This time of CRUSH.  The Safety RIB owned by  She is available for hire for many jobs up and down the rivers and into the English Channel.  They also have a 45' Nelson Cruiser that will be used as our number one Safety Boat on all of our rowing Challenges.  She has berths on board for 12 people; has showers and toilets; full equipped galley and rest / ward room.

Here's a photo of CRUSH to whet your appetite.

She too can carry 12 people up to 20 miles from a 'safe haven'.  Ideal for Channel Crossings where we are never more than 20 miles from shore in one direction or the other.
Thanks to Richard Bain of for the photo.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Our latest Challenge Announced at last!

In late June 2011 we intend holding our first ever "Roger Gould Tidal Thames Challenge" events.
We are hoping that the Carbon Fibre Replica Cornish Pilot Gig, Tiger presently on loan from WoodVale Challenge, will still be available to row from Richmond, Surrey to North Foreland on the Kent coast.  This is only the outbound leg.

The event will then be run in reverse by separate crews.  So, you can row it out of town, or back into town again!  The choice is yours!  Check out the website and get your application form filled in.

We intend to repeat this process each month until the end of October 2011.  We intend starting the season again in May 2012 until October 2012.  If you can't afford the time or money to complete the London to Paris to London events, why not try this one instead for a fraction of the time and money?  Sure it's not quite the same distance, but then again, you're not rowing an Ocean either if you do London to Paris to London!

As usual, there is a non-refundable deposit.  This time it is £75! 

Take a look at the website for full details.  There will be trophies awarded annually for the fastest team in either direction during that year.

Also, you can just row the distance to raise money for your charity of choice in no particular time at all!  Just complete the course...

Get in touch soon because the clock is ticking on this one!  Get your team together and get your forms in asap!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The new website is live as of today!

   It's been a long while coming but at last we have our very own website to advertise our presence on the planet.  Check us out at and see what you think.  
As it's a new site, I am open to any feedback from you guys about it.  Anything I should add that you need to know about?  Let me know.

  Anyone interested in the events can now download information and application forms directly from the site.

    There is also a link to Nicola's email so that you can ask about her photography from the 2010 event and to book her for your important events.  She's an EXCELLENT photographer with an ever growing resume for various sporting and civic events.

    We have just been tasked to provide assistance for yet another Channel crossing later in the year too, so if any of you want to simply cross the Channel as opposed to rowing London to Paris, or London to Paris and back again - or indeed if you want to take on any other extreme rowing challenge, let me know and we'll see what the possibilities are for you.  We take on all kinds of enquiries relating to extreme rowing events and challenges and if we cannot help you ourselves, we know someone that can!!

Roger G
Atlantic Rower 1997 & 2011.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The 2011 trip still has a few places left...

Anyone still interested in taking part in our first ever Challenge should get in touch ASAP as there are only a few places left.

Our trip, scheduled to set off from Westminster Bridge on May 28th 2011 is going ahead at full steam with entrants taking full advantage of the vastly reduced price for entry. Next year, the full on Challenge between at least two teams will take place but at full price.
To take advantage of the less than half price cost this year, email me for an application form at

Still available are also applications from individuals or teams for next years London to Paris to London Challenges too. We are intending to hold more than one Challenge next year and also looking to take on other Challenges with several cross Channel bookings already in hand and other enquiries for similar trips in the planning stages. So, if you have any ideas for fund raising or charity events in general that involve long distance rowing events in particular, just ask and we will give our advice and help with making your event a success.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Recruiting a crew for London. To Paris and return for May 28th 2011!

Interested in making the trip ahead of anyone else?

Reply to me on with your details and I will let you know our planned event.

This is a one off chance to be part of the first crew to make the trip. The price will be reduced to allow this to go ahead at short notice.

Applicants must be able to write off the dates to cover a 16 day period from May 28th, 2011 and preferably have some rowing experience as there is little or no time to train a novice.

Ideally, we are recruiting a team of twelve people. Male or female. It does not matter which.

Still interested? Give me an email! Now!!

Roger G
Atlantic Rower, 1997 & 2011.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Thanks to you all for your good wishes

Just a few lines to say how pleased I am to be back and be able to read all of your messages that were left on the WoodVale site during my recent Atlantic Ocean rowing trip. I am pleased to report that I enjoyed the experience although I would not be rushing to do it again with such a large crew. The differences of intentions of some of the rowers was only evident after some days at sea. Most of us were out to break a record, but at least four people were there to make an Ocean crossing and not interested in making the record come true.
That being said, we all realised that the boat could not reach the speeds needed to break the record anyway! For some reason or other, the boat did not go much faster than 7 knots at the very best! Much of the time we could only manage 3 knots. Only at the end did we manage to get her going flat out. That was mainly because of the trade winds and currents kicking in.

Back now with full time concentration on the London to Paris to London rowing Challenges. Our plans for the recce trip during June are pressing ahead in spite of my temporary absence, and I must express my thanks to the Rievers 12 crew for their constant understanding during my time away. I appreciate there have been times when communications were impossible and now I am back at the helm, my eye will be firmly on the ball!

I will try to thank all those of you that sent personal messages to me once I have finished reading them all.

Best wishes,
Roger G.
Atlantic Rower 1997 & 2011.