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Thursday, 7 July 2011

NEWS FLASH - 07/07/2011

As many of you will know by now, the French Authorities managed to scupper our attempts to row the channel recently in stating that 'people powered vessels' could not generate enough speed to get out of the way of large shipping.  We all know that would not be an issue as our Safety Crew and boats would either have called the event off for bad weather or advised the rowing boats to hold position or alter course long before any such incident became likely.

Also, the boats have to be self-baling.  We don;t know what that means let alone of any rowing boats that meet that criteria, so time will tell if we intend continuing with our attempts at London to Paris or not.

Getting away from that, our first ever Tidal Thames Challenge will now take place with a 14 person crew on 28th July 2011 from North Foreland to Richmond, Surrey.  The rowers are specially invited people.
Our new website is  Why not take a look and see if you are interested enough to take the challenge yourself!

The prices listed on another blog entry have had to be re-assessed as the cost have also altered since our first guess at what might need covering.

Roger G

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